15 Oct 2012

How my cane gave me my life back.

I remember how I felt when I first bought and received my cane back in February 2012, I have Fibromyalgia. I was embarrassed and scared to use it in public, I mean I was a 19 year old, a few months before I had been working with young children and constantly active. It was impossible to come to terms with having a walking stick. But now only 6 months later I am so comfortable (most the time) with my Gregory (named my stick after House md). The looks I get some time are hard to shake off but my cane has given me my life back, it allows me to walk and be able to do everything with other people. It has opened up my life and keeps me as active as I can be.

I am proud of my Cane and it is a wonderful at helping me carry on my life.

just to add each photo is at a certain point in my life that my Cane allowed me to do, Wembley I would have not been able to go to London and see Frank Turner play such an amazing gig, and meet such amazing people. Then the bottom ones are they day after Wembley when I went to London Zoo and got to see my adopted Hippo. Then my brother Graduation, a long day but I couldn't have done it without the cane, and I am stupidly proud of my brother. And the final one is only last weekend when Ben took me away for the weekend, a beautiful weekend at the Lake District, a lot of walking but again my cane allowed me to to it all and I enjoyed myself so much in all these photo’s.

There are still day's when I wake up and think 'why me?' as I reach for my cane to walk me to the local shops. I have learnt when people stare at you cause you're so young , just smile at them. Show people that even with such an illness and needing a cane you can still enjoy and be happy with your life.

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