27 Nov 2012

Day 27 – Tuesday, Nov. 27 -

Today is a 'Get out of post free' Day, But I am going to use this post to link you all to my social network sites and other means of spreading awareness.

Please check them out as I am working hard to get these sites up and running and need some support from people so if you can follow/like my pages please help me out :-) thank you.

My Facebook page :
I only set this up yesterday and I will be updating it daily with any useful articles/links and also inspirational posts to help  raise awareness and support people with chronic illness and health issues.

Tumblr :
I have had this blog going for a while and am close to 100 people, it is a lovely way to share information and fun pictures and inspirational quotes to support people with chronic illnesses.

Thank you for checking out my sites and a bigger thank you if you support them by following and liking them.

Thank you for reading
Take care

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