12 Nov 2012

NHBPM : Day 11 – Sunday, Nov. 11

I took Day 10 - Saturday, Nov 10th as my first 'Get Out Of Post Free' Day's, as I spent the whole day Christmas shopping with my mum and due to exhaustion and lack of internet I am only just getting round to writing up yesterday's (day 11) post, But I am back!

Write about your favourite thing that is not health-related but likely improves your life:

I decided to choose one 'material' type thing and then a non-material type 'favourite thing, that is not health related.

So I'm going to start with my material favourite item and that has to me my beauty products , because on the day's that I am able too, I love to pamper myself, even if it is just being able to have a wash and put on a little bit or make up or having a long soak in the bath with all my favourite beauty products.
  I never used to be one to want to even bother looking down the beauty aisle's in shops, but now I spend hours looking at beauty products, researching and reading reviews and also my new favourite thing is to sit and watch beauty Vblogs and YouTube video's. I just feel now that even on the worst day's when I am fighting against my health putting on a bit of make-up can give you the confidence the the mood boost you need in able to function that day, it just makes me feel nice and happy, and for that reason I believe it improves my life, cause who doesn't like a little bit of a pick me up and feel good!

Then I think my less material favourite thing that improves my life on a day to day basis, is music! Music means so much to me, there is not a minute where I am not listening to music or humming a song. Music holds so much for me, it can stir so many emotions inside a person. It has the ability to give people the release and escape they need from everyday life, to express themselves through lyrics. I just feel very strongly about music and the hundreds of  memories that 3 minutes of lyrics and the music itself can bring. I listen to music to make me happy, to remind me of good times, to remind me of all the tough things in life I have been through and survived through, reminds me of all the people I have met and who have made an impact on my life in many ways. I am just very grateful for all the music I ever heard that I can listen to again to help me remember that I'm never really alone.

So they are my two favourite things that I believe improve my life by helping me feel better and happy.
Thank you for reading

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