12 Nov 2012

NHBPM : Day 12 – Monday, Nov. 12

Call BS on something. What’s something that is just ridiculous?

I'm going to attempt to tackle the good old sayings that anyone with a chronic illness or an invisible illness dread to hear, which I think are summed up well in the image below.

Can I just pin this to my forehead?!
(I am unsure of the original source of this image unfortunately)
Don't get me wrong I understand that it is not easy to know what to say to people who are constantly in a battle against chronic illnesses, which will not rub them up the wrong way. I think to figure out the best way to ask how people are that day, is just to literally ask:

'How are you doing/holding up today?'
'What are you able to do today / what do you feel capable of doing today?'
'Would you like some help with housework/groceries/going out/etc.'

A way of learning to understand, a day in the life of a chronically ill person is to read 'The Spoon Theory' . It is a fantastic way to get in insight into how everyday tasks can affect ill health people differently to most people. If the chronically ill person is aware of The Spoon Theory (if not show it to them!), you will learn to understand why we refer to ourselves as 'Spoonies' and you could then ask them 'how many spoons they have today?', and learn to help them out more using that way of understanding. 

I have gotten a bit off topic in this post today, But I am keen to share the Spoon theory to people who are not aware of it, and I hope that some how I have gotten some kind of message across about things chronically ill people do and don't want to hear or be asked.

Thank you for reading 
Take care

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