15 Nov 2012

NHBPM - Day 15 – Thursday, Nov. 15 : Not Prompts but PETS!!

I've decided today again to not use the prompts that were listed for today, a) because I can't really relate to them , B) because I don't have enough experience as a Health blogger to write a good enough post about them and C) because I want to talk about how my pets get me through the days!

- Warning-  exceptionally cute puppy photo's will be included in this post! 

So here are my two babies, both Jack Russell Terrier's (well mixed ha).

First we have my youngest,Shelby . She is 6 years old but acts about 2! She sleeps a lot and is very timid. You will ALWAYS find her curled up asleep somewhere.

Then we have my little Man, Billy. He is 12/13 years old and although he has his mad puppy moment's, these day's he definitely likes a good old sleep and a snuggle!


These two definitely keep me going, since I've been pretty much house bound and out of work for 11 months now, my dogs keep me sane (and drive me insane sometimes). Every morning when my mum gets up for work they both come and snuggle in bed with me, Billy sleeps right next to my pillow and Shelby usually sleeps on my legs. I don't know how, but they definitely sense that I am ill and in pain and cause of that, they are constantly by my side (Shelby is asleep next to me right now). I am so close too these two, they are my friends I don't care how stupid that sounds. If you've never had pets it is hard to understand how much of a role they play in your life (and even more so when you are sick).

He also loves to snuggle up to my hot bottle too and steal the heat!
I get scared and worried these day's because Billy is getting old and has problems with his legs and has random spasms some days, I have got so close to him since being home all the time. I  look after him and in return he looks after me he comes to me for cuddles and I go to him.  He (and Shelby) is the most loyal dog and I am going to be lost without him when he finally goes (hate to think about it).

So that's my darlings, they keep me going, they make me smile, I am cuddle them when I am sad and they show me so much affection.

He's even there when I'm drying my hair to make sure I'm okay!

And a final one of them in the Christmas spirit! 

Thank you for reading.

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