16 Nov 2012

NHBPM - Day 16 – Friday, Nov. 16

Use a picture or video to inspire a post:

This is the punk/folk rock singer and song writer Frank Turner.He is by far my favourite musician, and his lyrics and songs have got me through all my rough times (I highly recommend you check him out!!). To be honest I could have picked any video's of his songs but this is one of his new, unreleased songs called 'Recovery'. And from the moment I heard it I fell in love it and the lyrics scream out to me so much.

Although I know I will probably never truly recover from my illness and all it throws at me, this song reminds me that people are there for me to reach out too and to drag me along the road to some kind of content recovery.

It is very hard to write about how this song sticks out to me but it one of the most meaningful songs for me, including 'I am Disappeared'.

But it is just another reminder to myself and whoever reads this that music can be a huge inspiration to you, and can just remind you of all the meaningful and positive things you may have forgotten amongst all the pain and grief caused by Chronic illness and health issues.

Sorry this has been a short post, having a rough day with pain levels.

Thank you for reading

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