17 Nov 2012

NHBPM - Day 17 – Saturday, Nov. 17

Not sure how I am going to do on this post, but I am going to try to be positive about it! :-)

My strengths and weaknesses list post: 

  • I am caring towards anyone and everyone 
  • I try to be there for people, even when I am struggling myself 
  • I can put on a brave face in any situation 
  • I always try to keep going 
  • I'm an animal lover 
  • I like love how I look and take care of my body 
  • I am always grateful for the things I have 
  • and grateful for all the people in my life. 

  • I am very stubborn 
  • I don't follow my own advice (who does though!) 
  • I hide away my feelings and always pretend I am fine 
  • I care too much 
  • I have NO self control when it comes to shopping! :-P 

That's all I am going to list today I think, trying not to be too hard on myself! I am happy that I have more strengths than weaknesses, being positive is going to be the way forward from now on!

Love yourself and treat yourself from time to time :-)

Thank you for reading
Take care,

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