21 Nov 2012

NHBPM : Day 21 – Wednesday, Nov. 21

Create a new technology related to health

I love technology and the way's it makes life so much easier, even more so when you have a chronic illness or health issues, apps on iphone and smart phones are getting better by the day!

I try to use the Wii Fit on a weekly basis as it is a great easy way to exercise, it is low level exercise. I tend to do the yoga the most, stretching out my muscles seems to ease my pain a bit and makes me much more flexible.

I think a new technology product I'd like is a game similar to the Wii fit type games, but one specifically designed for people with chronic pain .

One where you could pin point parts of the body that hurt that, and then the game would pick out some light exercises for the other parts of your body. That way you could still work out and it would accommodate for you specific needs that day.

Also it would recognise that you need time to do exercises, and let you choose levels of exercise that you feel up to doing. You could record your level of fatigue and it would also take that into consideration. It would praise you for however much exercise you manage it would encourage too.

I just really wish there was a Wii fit type game for people who have health issues or chronic illnesses. The amount of times I've tried to do an exercise on the Wii and had to stop half way through due to legs giving way/ too fatigued/ or just that the exercise is too long , and then the game tells you to 'try harder' and 'do better next time'. It's those moments that I wish that it would be able to consider the fact that my body is just not capable of doing things to a certain extent because of health issues.

I hope one day that someone thinks of something similar to accommodate to people with health issues who are trying to stay fit too. Keeping my fingers crossed!

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  1. I think that would be a big hit! I'd love it. Right now the only exercise I am able to do is walking from room to room and doing exercises laying flat in bed. Would be nice to have something like that as I work my way up to 'regular' exercise.