25 Nov 2012

NHBPM - Day 24 – Saturday, Nov. 24

Sorry Today's post got delayed to this morning due to exhaustion :-)

“If I had more than 24 hours in a day…” (Or unlimited spoons or funds)

  • go on holiday
  • go out with people I miss due to my fibromyalgia 
  • have a night out and dance and get drunk
  • eat whatever food I wanted
  • and spend the time to cook it from scratch
  • go for long walks and not have to worry about pain and exhaustion
  • do lot's of things for the people who look after me all the time
  • just show them that I am so thankful for them
  • go shopping!
  • go to unlimited number of gigs
  • basically just enjoy being alive, spend it with people I love and show them that I am 100% grateful for the things they do. 
Sorry for a short post, I'm not really one for fantasising how life could be, I  just try to appreciate and love the thing's I do actually have in life.

Thank you fro reading
Take care

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