28 Nov 2012

NHBPM - Day 28 – Wednesday, Nov. 28

Interview a community member!

Thank you to Marshel Crittenden-Taylor for taking part in this interview/survey about her life with chronic illnesses.

Q1) What Chronic illness/health issue is it that you suffer from ? Fibromyalgia, Diabetes, Uncontrol high blood pressure, IBS, Arthritis, Water on the Knees, Slip Discs (spinal and neck), Degenative Disc, Curved Spine, Spinal Fusion (that fail) host of other complication from internal complication and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.

Q2) How long have you been dealing with this illness? If it is, how long did it take to get diagnosed?
Since 2000. Diagnosed in 2002.

Q3) What brought on your illness if anything at all? 
I believed the trauma to my body after having a difficult pregnancy and emergency C-Section.

Q4) What are your main symptoms, how do they effect you? 
Pain and nerve damage that is wide spread through out my body!

Q5) Do you go to school or work? if so what are you able to do?
I was let go from my banking job in 2010 due to excessive absences.

Q6)What do you do to stay positive through everything?
Prayer helps me so much because I can image getting heal and not dealing with such a crippling disease.

Q7) Do your friends and family support you? if so how? 
Both support me by letting me tell them what I can and can not do. Most days I can't even enough energy to handle my business so it is done mostly by phone. They try to make sure that I watch what I eat and rest as much as I need it. Which is a lot of rest!

Q8) have you found any alternative treatments / diet changes that help you ? 
My doctor just suggested that I go gluten-free. This is so hard because my diabetes is toxin because of the Fibromyalgia and my large intake of insulin twice a day.

Q9) do you find support from places other than family and friends, for example support groups or an on-line community? 
No. Online community are mostly not updated and I try to find a support group with no success in my area.

Q10) how do you feel that your life has changed since becoming ill? 
I push myself to be a great mom and do those things to let him know that I am strong but when I am having a bad flare up day that I can only do so much. Travelling was what I loved to do and that is too much on my body. I swell up so much with my muscle that sitting for long is hard. I loved my job but do one will hire me because of my spinal fusion and unable to lift items over 5 lbs.

Q11) What advice would you give to someone who has just been diagnosed ? 
Stay strong and rest when you need to rest because being exhausted is something that you will have to deal with until they find the right medicine or cure for us.

Q12) What is your favourite positive quote/saying that you try to live by? 
Don't judge her because you haven't walked in her shoes!

Q13) what is one thing that you are proud of yourself for regrading your illness? 
Keeping a smile on my face no matter what. Even when every trigger point is going off at one time I am a great mom to my son because he was so worth it!!!

As I had a lot of people's requests to take part in this survey/interview I have linked it on my side bar above my photo so that you can use on your blog to help spread awareness to others.
                                                     Chronic illness awareness survey

Thank you for reading
Take care

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