29 Nov 2012

NHBPM - Day 29 – Thursday, Nov. 29

“If I could accomplish one thing (anything) in 2013 it would be… to keep on fighting and get my life back. 
I am not going to give up. 2012 has been a truly awful year, it was bad news followed by stress and more bad news. I want to forget this year and take notice to how much stronger it has made me. 

In 2013 I aim to :
  • get back into volunteering 
  • start working again
  • build my confidence back  up
  • get my social life back
  • and prove to everyone that I am strong and that I will not stop fighting.
Fibromyalgia may be my life now, but now in the sense that I am going to raise awareness to others, I am going to work to be a health activist to create an on-line community to support people who are affected by chronic illness and their families.

2012 will soon be behind us and 2013 will be a better year, it will be a happy year! 

Thank you for reading
Take care

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