3 Nov 2012

NHBPM - Day 3, Saturday, Nov. 3

Today I have chose to take a subsitute prompt from the list as I couldn't think of anything for the two prompts below.

“I don’t know about this, but I’d like to.”
A post about a conversation with your doctor

So I have chose to do 'The best doctor’s appointment'

I think my best doctors appointment was last January when I got a suspected diagnosis of Fibromyalgia. I had to go to work in the morning and by this point I was clearly unfit for work but I had not found a doctor to sign me off work. I was in a right state at work and on the car journey to the surgery, I was with my dad so that gave me a tiny bit of confidence. I had been crying and was so tired , I dread to think what I looked like. This appointment was an emergency one and not with my regular doctor but a new one. I was so nervous, I went into his room with my dad and between us we managed to tell the doctor all my symptoms and how ill I had gotten over the past 5 months.
 I could see that the Dr kept looking at me, a weak lifeless 19 year old girl, stuck in a body of pain. He was nice and funny, very witty, Definitely made me smile a little and feel more at ease. He explained to me what Fibromyalgia was and how he believed that I have got that. He sent me to a  rheumatologist at my local Hospital, he also gave me pain killers, he asked how I felt about taking the pills and anti depressants and explained how they helped for my condition and how they are not used to treat depression. This doctor was a god send to me, and still is. He signed me off work, he can see my pain. I have been seeing him from that day, he knows what he is talking about.
 I am very lucky that it only took me 6 months to have a good appointment and find a doctor who believes in my condition and is there to support me.

Take care

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