8 Nov 2012

NHBPM - Day 8 – Thursday, Nov. 8

Write a letter to your health:

Dear Fibromyalgia and the body you have consumed,

I wake up everyday to be greeted by you in one way or another, I'm not sure when you first started visiting me, but I know when you decided to use my body as your home. I know I have always been that person who is constantly ill, got a cough a cold, or an ache somewhere, was that you for all them years?
 It was just over a year ago when you decided to set up a home in this small fragile body. You took a young woman, only just turned nineteen, she had found a job she adored working with children, she had friends and life was good for her, you took that from her!
  She is now a fragile 20 year old with no job, and no friends, you have stopped her living her life. She is scared now, she doesn't know how she gets through each day, she is constantly in pain, popping all these pain pills in the hope she will be able to just feel human long enough to try and be happy. This girl is now scared to leave the house, people look at her ,staring at her walking stick and the way she slowly moves around. People don't understand her, people don't understand what you do to her, you consume her body and her mind.
   You have taken so much from this woman, and replaced it with pain, aches, depression, anxiety and now she is left to fend for her life. She has to fight you every single day just to do simple tasks and to be able to function.

I am that scared  young fragile woman, but I am angry at you, I resent having you taking over my life, taking all the happiness from me for reasons I don't understand. I am going to fight you everyday to have what I deserve. You can keep trying to ruin me but you will not win!

A determined scared woman fighting for her body and life back!


  1. I commented on Facebook but I love this... It speaks so much truth and I can relate to so much of it.
    <3 Sarah

  2. thank you so much and have just checked out your letter. You are so strong and brave. take care. Jayne xx