6 Nov 2012

NHBPM - Late Addition Day 4 – Sunday, Nov. 4

I apologise that I did not do this post earlier but only gotten round to taking photo's so here is a late day 4. and hopefully I'll be able to do day 6 (today's) post later on.

Write about what’s in your bag / purse / backpack every day

So here we have the contents of my everyday handbag featuring my dogs nose in the top corner. 
This includes :
  • Umbrella and sunglasses because you never know what the weather in England is going to be like, also   I get super sensitive to light so my sun glasses get a lot of use!
  • My phone which is an essential, I only have an old Nokia (the C2-50) because I can be super clumsy and have a tendency to drop my phones and smash the screens, and we all know Nokia's never break. This is an essential as I like to know I can get in contact with people if I need them in an emergency or if I'm having a bad health day.
  • My ipod (usually with headphones of course), Music does really keep me going and helps me to feel more comfortable if I am in an uncomfortable situation, or need music to lift my mood a little  I always have my ipod on me with my selection of over 3000 songs. 
  • I tend to carry a book around with me a lot, useful for all the waiting around in doctor's surgeries and hospital appointments, plus I have the reading bug recently.
  • Lip balm is a gods send these day's,with the season changing into Autumn/winter now, the air dries out my lips a lot and makes them very chapped and painful, so I get through lip balms quicker than anything else (or I tend to lose them and buy new ones)
  • Then inside my purse/wallet I only tend to keep the essential 'store' cards to each trip out, to not confuse myself.
  • Then I have my ID in the form of my provisional driver's licence (one day I do hope to learn to drive and get my licence)
  • My medical exemption card, so I don't have to pay for my numerous amount of prescriptions.
  • My disabled persons bus pass, which allows me to travel on the bus anywhere across the country for free, which is a fantastic thing as I can not drive and I can't always depend on my dad or boyfriend to drive me everywhere.
  • and then my debit card for those little shopping trips to cheer myself up

  • Then we have my disabled persons blue parking badge, to allow me to park in disabled parking spots, saving my energy and legs when going out. A very helpful little thing that might be worth some of you guys applying for (it's free!)
  • And my beautiful handmade pill box, which you can buy from here , which is perfect to carry my med's in.
So that's my late day 4. Hope you liked the post, please feel free to leave me comments and tell me if you enjoyed this post :-)

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