4 Dec 2012

Back into blogging , rambles and a bit of an update!


I had a few day's break from finishing the WEGO Health's National Health Blog Post Month challenge and now I am back to start being in the swing of blogging. I'm not sure yet how many times a week I will post but I am aiming for at least twice a week or more!
  You will have to bare with me at the moment I am still trying to fight off a flu bug and struggling along with a shoulder that keeps giving way, But hey ho I'll fight through.

There's no real topic to this post just a bit of a catch up on how I'm doing. Today I finally got up the courage to call my Doctors as I have been putting it off for months now (just gained some sort of fear of going back) But I had no luck today and got to ring back tomorrow. It's just for a bit of a check up and I'm going to get him to look at my shoulder and also going to ask for blood tests to check my vitamin D levels and to see if I am allergic to gluten, although I think I just have a slight intolerance.

Think that is it for now, I am currently planning a blog that I hope to get up at the weekend or before, but going to Lincoln's Christmas market on Friday so I might get some photo's and hope all the hill walking doesn't break me too much.

Thanks for reading 
Take care

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