12 Dec 2012

How to survive the Holiday period.

I thought as it is now 12 day's to christmas (roughly) I should write up my top tips to surviving the holiday's and still making it a good time to remember. So here we go...

Be prepared! - write lists of all the people you need to write cards too and who you need to buy presents for. Write lists for food you need to buy and pretty much write everything down so you don't forget.

Doctors and Medication! - Check with your doctor for their work times around the Christmas period and make sure you have enough medication to get you through the period. The last thing you want is to run out of medication when all the doctors and pharmacies are shut!

Presents! - Shop on-line, it's the best and easiest way to do it. You don't have to deal with busy shops, long walks and standing in queues. You can do all your shopping from your bed, and even get the gifts wrapped and delivered to the person you're buying for!

Food! - If you are hosting the Christmas meal, ask your guests to bring a dish each, split the meal between people that way everyone only has to cook one dish each and it saves you having to slave over the oven all day wearing your self out!

Decorations! - get your friends and family to come round and help you, have a day all together having fun decorating the house, make it enjoyable and with people helping you it decreases the stress and gives you a chance to have a rest every now and then!

Drink! - It's that time of year to enjoy a small drink or two, make sure you know how much you can drink that won't interfere with your medication. Have fun and enjoy yourself but be careful, you don't want to run the occasions by drinking the wrong thing and having bad reactions with your medications.

Social Gatherings! - It gets so busy with all these people you need to go and see, Christmas do's and family gatherings. Take time to have a sit down (or a lay down if possible) and relax. People around you will not mind if you need to take some time out. 

Most of al have fun and enjoy yourself, after all 'tis season to be jolly', and  to end this post enjoy a photo of my pups getting into the Christmas spirit! 

Thank you for reading
Take care

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