29 Dec 2012

Seasons Greetings

First of all, Merry Christmas to you all and hope you had a lovely  low pain Christmas day and the days surrounding were full of love and happiness.

Just a short post to wish you all well and to say that after 3 days in a row visiting family and travelling from town to town, meeting lots of people, I am still alive and in one piece... just about.

Christmas day was lovely and relaxed for me, though my family all seem to be coming down with some sort of flu virus, so I may have to isolate myself from them before I catch it, because it would knock me sideways!

I was very lucky this year and got the Kindle Fire from my parents and right now I am loving it. There is so much I can do from it (like laying in bed writing this post), and I am exploring all the amazing apps and books I can get!

soon we will be heading into the new year,2013 and all the great things it will bring for us all. I have been pondering over goals and revolutions for the new year but I'm not really sure on many, apart from the obvious main things like finding a job, a hobby, and continuing to run this blog and my pages raising awareness.

When the new year arrives I will be back to blogging and sharing things with you guys, what I would like to know is what sorts of posts you'd like to see so please leave a comment below with your suggestion. :-)

Thank you for reading 
Happy New Year

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