16 Dec 2012

Video : Hank Green talking about Chronic disease

Hank Green - Living with a Chronic disease :

In this video of Hank Green, which he talks about having Ulcerative Colitis, and just generally on living with a chronic condition.

To me this video offers a great outlook on life whilst living with a chronic illness/disease , definitely worth a watch.

“Chronic disease is a new normal. And it’s maybe not as good as the old normal. But it’s certainly better than other things could be.”

“Yeah your life is going to be a little bit different from someone who doesn't have a chronic disease, but your life would be very different if you were born in a different country, or if you were born with a different skin colour or if you were born with a different amount of money in your bank account. There is always things to wish that weren't the way they are. But that’s never going to be a fun way to live your life.”

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