28 Jan 2013

A tough week and an announcement

Today's post is not going to be long and there is no real subject as I have been in a flare for the past week and I just couldn't summon the energy to bring myself to write up a post. I have had an okay week despite the crippling pain and I have a possible job opportunity in the pipelines (just waiting to hear back) which is exciting and scary!

From this flare up though I have decided that in the near future I will be doing some posts on putting yourself first , how to deal with a flare up/high pain day, and things that can trigger a flare up. So goes to show even with a bad week positive things can come out of it all.

My last announcement is that Chronically Crafty is now on Twitter! I was using my personal twitter account to post up fibro/chronic pain related things, but I decided to make two seperate accounts to make it easier for me and my followers. I will link the account below and I would love if you could check it out and give me a follow :-)


Sorry for the short post, but I am also going to use this post to ask you all what sort's of posts you'd like to see me writing? Any subject you would like me to cover? let me know in the comment's below :-)

Thank you for reading
Take care

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