21 Jan 2013

How to survive the winter months.

I've decided that Monday's posts will be any topic about chronic illnesses and Thursday's posts will be dedicated to the 'Fibromyalgia mini series' that I am working on. I'm doing it like this to break it up a bit as I am aware that I have a wide community of people with lot's of different health/chronic conditions and not just Fibromyalgia.


Since the weather in the UK has been very cold, damp and there's been lot's of snow around, I am going to give you all some little tips of mine to survive the cold weather.

  • Drink lot's of tea and hot drinks : Nothing warms me up quicker than a cup of tea. There are so many various flavours to try if regular tea isn't for you, my favourite has to be green tea with Cranberry. Plus tea is very good for you and carries many health benefits too

  • Time to get cozy : Lot's of blankets, comfy Pyjama's, a big fluffy dressing gown and slippers are essentials in the winter I have found. I am nearly always wrapped in a blanket whether it is whilst on the sofa watching tv or even eating my dinner, it just helps to keep you warm, especially if you're like me and your extremities get cold easily and are impossible to warm up.

  • Thermal tights and leggings! : These things have been a god send to me this winter. They have a fleece like lining to help keep the heat in. I have worn them out in the snow with a skirt and boots and I didn't get cold legs. I know there are lots of brands out there, so if you can't find them in stores (I got mine from Matalan) they can be found on ebay, or Amazon.

  • Heat it up : heated Wheat bags, Hot water bottles and heat pads. Heat tends to work best on my aches and pains (but cold works on my shoulder pains) so investing in heat pads was a good idea for me. And now during winter I am so glad I did, there is nothing worse than getting into a cold bed whilst your whole body aches. I heat up hot water bottles an hour before I go to bed and leave them in my bed. So I have a nice warm bed to go to, and I tend to take my wheat bags to bed with me too, to put on the certain area's that are worst.

  • Take a warm bath : At the end of the day the best way to warm up and relax is to take a long soak in a warm bath. You can get some great muscle relaxing bath salts and bubble baths to make your bath even more comforting to your body. It also gives you time to switch your mind off , lay back and relax to some music or read that book you keep meaning to start.

Winter months are all ways a hundred times worse for us with Chronic pain and illnesses  our joint's stiffen and hurt more with the cold and damp weather. Try to stay warm and only leave the house when necessary. Not to mention trying to avoid the cold's and flu's that are going around with our poor immune systems (check out my post on it here).

Took my Dog out in the snow with her winter coat! 

What's your best tip for surviving these winter months?let me know in the comments below.

Thank you for reading
Take care


  1. Thanks for the great tips....also, I use a lot, and I mean a lot, of Bengay!

    1. Thank you, I've never really been a fan of products like Bengay, The smell usually is too strong for me, but I know that some people swear by them.
      I do use a deep freeze spray though and sticky heat pads from the drug stores. :-)

  2. I wear my long winter coat...goes past my knees! Was $150 about 4/5 years ago but was well worth it as it is so warm and thick without bulk. I also found these odd mitten/glove combo things...although the outside is mittens, inside your fingers are seperated by a bit of fabric like a glove so it keeps each finger warm and you don't bump cold fingers together. Then, you have the warmth of a mitten verses a glove on top of it!!
    I also wear the fingerless gloves around the house and when I wear my mitten/gloves :D! The fingerless gloves help keep my wrists and joints warm no matter what.
    Amanda R.

    1. Your coat sounds so nice and snugly, it can be hard to find one that isn't too heavy and blunky :-)
      I love those mitten/gloves I used to have some last year can't find them this year though :-( so I tend to wear fingerless gloves then with normal gloves over the top, It works the same! :-D

  3. I was shocked at how many of these tricks I actually already do myself, just trying to be in survival mode. My favorite things to do though would have to be the hot shower , followed by my hot corn bag I take to bed with me I lay it on my knees mostly as they are the worst for me or I place it up near my face and hold it close to try to warm up my entire body. I've also found for the absolute worst times if u can stand it...the arthritis rub Capsasin works well too but it really burns some and I'm not crazy about that!!

  4. Thanks for your tips, have to try drinking hot drinks for those times no matter what you do you can't get warm. I have problems with my feet I layer my socks and always have slippers on. On those infrequent days I have to go out I am completely layered from head to toe. Two pair of gloves and recently got me a nice hat from Stormy Kromer. I am always thinking Spring it gets depressing cooped up in the house - I end up turning on all the lights. Then have to dealing with rain, damp, and always what the humidity is. Thanks again

  5. thé best4
    cold iz ginger
    root tea (decf)