17 Feb 2013

Recent Goals and achievements!

I'm sorry I have been so rubbish at blogging recently. It's a mixture of flare ups, stress and lack of inspiration. I am still struggling at the moment but I thought I should at least try and get something out today.

The first thing that's happened recently is that my 'Race for Life' sponsor pack and T-Shirt arrived and it has given me so much motivation to get out there and start training. It is a 5k circuit which seems a little daughting at the moment. I am allowing myself to use my cane to start off with but secretly I am hoping to go it without my cane. That would be such a HUGE achievement for me, as this time last year when I got diagnosed I
couldn't walk five minutes without my cane.

The next bit of news it that my Chronically Crafty Facebook page has reached 100 likes!! Which is incrediable, Thank you all so much for supporting my page and the thing's I post. I never believed I would get more than 10 people interested so Thank you all so so much!

I am going to try and get some more posts out but I have decided to scrap having a schedual to keep too because I don't think that will help me enjoy blogging as much as I do. I will now just try and get one or two posts out a week.

Let me know in the comments below what sort's of posts you'd like to see me do :-)

Thank you for reading
Take care

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