16 Mar 2013

Returned from my hiatus

I will apologies now 1) for my disappearance for the best part of a month and 2) for this being a chatty post, but I have decided that I want to get into blogging more whether it be long informative posts or more personal chatty posts.

 I have been the biggest flare up I've ever been in. I think it roughly started the beginning of February and I am still dealing with what I hope is the tail end of it all. We in England have had the worst weather so far this year if it's not painfully cold and snowing it is wet and damp, which has been playing havoc with my joints and pain levels. Also as part of this flare up I have had extreme fatigue where during a few weeks I was sleeping nearly 15 hours a day. I was just a shell of a person walking around in a pain and sleep deprived state.

But on a more positive thing I'm going to compile a list of things I have been loving in the past month or so.
  • Yoga ! I decided to try out yoga as I have had a on and off relationship with it for nearly a year. So I decided to start doing yoga daily and it has definitely helped my body feel more stretched out and more flexible plus it is so rewarding when you practice a pose until you can hold it perfectly.
  • Meditation ! When I was in college I got into the idea of meditation from one of my tutors who held weekly meditation sessions and I adored how much it helped me especially when I was dealing with depression and stress. So I decided to download a few apps and use guided meditations on youtube and I have been loving getting back into it all though at the moment I only ever really meditate at nighttime to help me to relax for sleep. 
  • Baking ! Now I am not the best chef in the world merely average but I have been enjoying baking and trying to make healthy biscuits and snacks as I've given up chocolate for lent but I have the biggest sweet tooth. One thing I have loved is oat biscuits and especially these super easy banana and oat biscuits with only two ingredients. So easy to make and so yummy!
Also I am taking part in WeGo Health's Health Activist Writer's Month Challenge to blog for every day in april. I am super excited for it !
If you are interested in taking part in this I will link it below. You don't have to have a blog to take part in this challenge you can use a journal, facebook, any social networking really. It's really fun to get into and I loved the one last year!

Check it out here!

That's it for now, hope this post wasn't too chatty and let me know in the comment's below if you have tried out any yoga or meditation. Also have you got any good recipes to share?
 I love reading your comments and I reply to all of them too!

Thank you for reading 
Take care