5 Apr 2013

HAWCM Day 5 – Aspiration

What’s your one, three, or five year plan for your Health Activism?

I haven't really thought about future plans for my activism but I know there are a one or two things that I would like to try and do.
  • I would like to create more of a community on this blog, at the moment I am happy with the progression of my Facebook Page and my twitter account. But I hope that over time as I get more into blogging regularly that I will gain a community on this blog with people connecting with me and others through the comments. I know that things take time and I'm not wishing for it over night and I know I need to work more on getting comfortable blogging and make it second nature to me.
  • Like I said above I would like Blogging on here to become second nature to me and I want to become comfortable and confident in myself to share personal experiences and thoughts about my illness so that it can reach and help others. 
  • In the long run and distance future I hope to incorporate my love of walking and exercise with Fibromyalgia and chronic illnesses and create a Walk for Fibro event. which will be a sponsored walk a bit like Cancer researches Race For Life but the charity we'll be raising for is Fibromyalgia and other chronic illnesses. This is something I hope to do in 5 years or longer because at the moment I am just not in the right place to organise it but it has definitely been in my head for a while.
That is all really that I want to try and do, or at least all that is in my head at the moment, all I know is that I want my level of confidence to rise and then I hope that what I achieve through my Health Activism will increase and I will be able to help more people in lot's of different ways!

Thank you for reading

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