1 Apr 2013

HAWMC Day 1 – Getting Started!

Why you write – tell us a little bit about why you write about your health online and what got you started? 

I started this blog roughly 6 months ago, in the hope that I would be able to reach out to others and help people who have chronic illnesses and chronic pain like myself.
  I write about myself because people want to know that they are not alone and I know I like to read other peoples first hand experiences compared to just text book written descriptions and examples.

I recently haven't been writing as much because I am trying to find my 'style' and I am torn between writing about different topic's every week or between making this a more personal space and writing about my experiences of being a young woman struggling through life with a chronic pain condition (Fibromyalgia) . I am leaning more towards the latter but I am nervous to put myself out there and share personal thoughts and feelings but I know I want to use my experiences to help others and offer support.

That was a ramble and a half but that is how I want my blog to run in the future even if I am a bit curious of what to write.

Thank you for reading and I am excited to try this challenge and I hope you enjoy me on this journey.


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