11 Apr 2013

HAWMC Day 11 – Favorites

Write about your favorite social network. Do you love Twitter? Facebook? Pinterest? Why? 

After having Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr and Pinterest for Chronically Crafty I have definately noticed which ones I use more than other and also which ones I tend to have conversations on too, though they all have different perks and different uses.

Twitter I think is my favorite for interactions, I can connect with so many different people at once. I have met some of my favorite people through twitter and have had some great advice and discussions with people too. The only downside with twitter is the 140 character limit though at times this can be helpful because it's an easy quick way to get out how your feeling or an opinion without writing loads, and it's a quick way to get answers and find out things. Not to mention the tweet chat's which are fantastic to talk about things and have set topics too.

My Facebook and Tumblr are perfect for getting information out there, articles , opinions and also inspirations photo's and illustrations. I tend to update daily on these and I also love having an inbox on both that allows people to get in contact with me and easily ask for advice confidentially. I find Facebook and Tumblr second nature to use and their layouts are easy and quick to learn to use, they are just so effortless.
Where as I really struggle with updating my Pinterest, I've had an account for months but don't find myself pinning things too often. I don't know why I can't get on with that site, I can find myself on it for hours looking through other peoples pins and finding great tips and advice but I don't seem to pin things myself. I just can not get into the habbit of pinning daily, one week I can be on it for days on end then I will have months where I don't even get round to loading the page. 
If anyone has any tips on getting into Pinterest I would love to hear them, as I know what a useful site it can be.

Thank you for reading, 
let me know in the comment's your favorite social network, and feel free to leave your links below for me to check out too :-)

Jayne xx

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