12 Apr 2013

HAWMC Day 12 – Hindsight

If you could go back in time and talk to yourself (or your loved one) on the day of diagnosis, what would you say? Today’s post was recommended by Christina of

When I first read this prompt I loved it and had some great things to say but now it's come to writing it my mind has gone blank, but that's always the way.

Things I would say to myself on the day I was Diagnosed with Fibromyalgia is :

  • It's okay to be scared, angry and sad. Being told that you are going to be ill and in pain for the rest of your life when you are 19 is a very emotional thing and it is okay to feel and think all those things, don't bottle them up.
  • Talk to the people around you , you have a very supportive caring family and boyfriend who have been there for you through tout it all already, so talk to them and tell them things. Remember they are struggling right now too with all this so they will want to talk to you too, let them know that it's okay to talk.
  • YOU ARE NOT ALONE - When I was first diagnosed I believed that I was the only person to be going through this hell. So I would tell myself to do research, reach out to people. I learned quickly to use social networking, forums and blogs to find other people in similar positions to me. You will find others to talk to, look for a support group in your area, look for blogs, organisations and  forums and use them to help and benefit you.
  •  Things will be hard to admit and there will most likely be changes in your life that you're going to have to face. There are ways around the things that you need to change and over time you will see how you can still have a good time and a good life. 
  • Your life isn't over just because you're ill. Just over a year ago when I was diagnosed I was devastated and I thought that's it my life is over, I lost my job, my friends, my independence and more but I didn't think that I would have the things I have today. You can get a lot of your Chronic illness and pain and your life can still be amazing and, You can still be happy and proud of things you achieve.
Let me know below what you would say to yourself when you were diagnosed? 

Take care, Jayne xx

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