15 Apr 2013

HAWMC Day 15 – Sharing

Comment! Pick someone else’s blog post and write a comment to them. Write that comment as your post for today and link back to them to let them know you were inspired.

Sorry for no appearance yesterday I am fighting a really bad fatigue, nausea and headache flare up which personally at the moment I think is more disabling than a pain flare up as I am unable to think straight let alone get up and move. So I've actually spent the last 3-4 day's in bed unable to do anything.

Anyway enough about me, now I've got to talk about a woman who has been inspiring me so much recently despite her being in really bad pain at the moment she has been there for her community and her last two video's have been truly amazing and have really hit home with me.

Of course I am talking about Kelly Fricke (@sickgirldiary), this is her lastest video and my comment that was posted up this morning. A raw view of life with pain with the beautiful message and reminder that it is okay, to not be okay. 

And I'll leave you with one of her newst video's which has really spoken to me 'Stop comparing yourself to others', She really is an inspiration!

Kelly's links
Facebook Support Page: Facebook.com/FindingStrengthThroughPain
Etsy shop: Etsy.com/Shop/HandfulOfHope
Instagram: its_Kellaaay
Twitter: SickGirlDiary
Blog: Sickgirldiary.Tumblr.com

you should really go check this wonderful woman out
Take care, Jayne xx
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  1. Hey girl ! I'm Amanda I have msged you before.
    You can follow/recommend my new BLOG I just started !
    It talks mostly about life with chronic pain.
    I hope you are doing well :)