22 May 2013

Fighting against cold/flu with chronic pain

So I woke up this morning with a blocked up nose, headache, and my throat feeling like it had been cut by a thousand knives, all on top of worsened Fibromyalgia aches and pains and fatigue. Every person with a chronic illness or pain knows that having a 'normal' person illness makes everything flare up and is a hundred times worse than anyone getting it.

I thought I would do a short post showing how I try and deal and fight against my body when I am faced against the flu or my just when my immune system failing me.

  • First off I make sure my Vitamin C intake is topped up to give my immune system that little boost.
  • This MSM with Glucosamine creme is amazing for aching muscles and joints. I have been struggling with aching in my upper arms whist I have this illness and it helps so much to ease the pain. I use this creme all the time with general Fibromyalgia pain so it's a good investment.
  • Olbas oil is a must for stuffy, blocked up noses, it always helps to clear my sinuses out and it's a bonus that I like the scent too (not that I can smell it at the moment!)
  • This throat spray is my go too for sore throats. My Fibromyalgia was caused by a extreme throat virus so I have tested and used most throat sweets and treatments and this spray has to be the most effective . It simply just numbs the throat and eases the pain. Makes eating a lot easier.
  • Lip balm is also a must because when I am ill no matter how much I drink my lips crack and split so having a lip balm on hand is a life saver.
  • And last is an antibacterial hand gel , it makes it so much easier when you are stuck in bed and blowing your nose and coughing all the time because there is no way I have the energy in me to get up to the bathroom to wash my hands. 

Next is two drinks that I am constantly drinking when I am ill in order to keep myself hydrated and help the recovery a little bit
  • Lemsip or the cheaper verson, I am lucky and I can take this along side my regular Fibromyalgia medication (it's best to check with your GP first). I have not found a cold/flu medication that works as well as these. I think you can take them every four hours and unliek most people I actually like the taste so it's not too bad.
  • Green tea is a regular drink when I've got a cold/flu, but when I am ill I have green tea strong with some honey to help soothe my throat too.
Also I recommend a lot of bed rest, drinking lots of fluids and just taking it easy, and going to your doctor if the illness lasts longer than 5 days in case it is a virus that needs medication.
If you have any tips leave them below as I am desperate to get rid of this cold/flu :-)

Take care, Jayne xx
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