5 May 2013

Weekly summary : FMSphotoaday week one

If you saw this post or you follow my Facebook Page, Twitter or Tumblr you will have seen that I am doing the Fat Mum Slim photo a day for the entirety of May. I thought I would do a sum up every Sunday of the weeks photo's on here :-)

  1. I brought this - Hugh Laurie's new album which was released this week and has pretty much been on repeat since it arrived too
  2. Morning ritual - I always start the day with a cup of tea, my medication, a filling breakfast and also take some time to read through a magazine or book
  3. This is really good - I took my brother to see Iron Man 3 this week and it was really good, if you've seen the other two you should definitely go, you will not be disappointed!
  4. In my cup - I pretty much only ever drink tea throughout the day and at the moment I am loving this citrus fruit tea, it's really refreshing and perfect for spring time.
  5. Paper - Recently I have been getting back into buying magazines and spending time reading them. It's a nice treat to relax away from things and take some time out to read.
This week has been a bit of a blur , with working and being busy weeks before I felt a bit lost because of not really having anything to do. I can tell now that doing this challenge is going to help to keep me on the ball a bit and challenge me to look around more and also help me to blog at least weekly (hopefully more).

Take care, Jayne xx
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