12 May 2013

My fibromyalgia : personal symptoms

Today is Fibromyalgia awareness day and as requested I am going to list and write a little about my personal symptoms of Fibromyalgia.

As Fibromyalgia varies from person to person and there are a lot of symptoms (up to 60) that you could have, if you think that you have Fibromyalgia please see a doctor and see what symptoms you have and get a medical professionals opinion.

My Symptoms:

I will try and group some symptoms together or we will be here all day :-)

Physical symptoms:
  • I have 12-14 out of 18 active trigger/tender points
  • Knees - I have restless leg syndrome and my knees cause me some of the worst pain, my knees swell up , ache, stabbing and shooting pain and can give way when I stand for too long. This is the main reason I walk with a walking stick
  • Back and Shoulders are nearly as bad as the knee's. I get shooting pains and aches in my lower back and I have spasms in my shoulders and they will give way too.
  • The rest of my joints all ache, swell, and spasm on a regular basis
  • I have sensitive skin, it gets really dry and I have Eczema patches all over my body.
  • Flu like symptoms and chronic sore throat , imagine waking up every day feeling like you have the flu or a really bad cold. that is how I feel every single day.
  • I have crippling fatigue, days where I have no energy to even stand, I end up having to take 2 or 3 hour naps even when I've had a full night's sleep before
  • I have sensitivity to weather, smell, noise light and heat. If any of these are too strong or loud it makes me feel really ill and can give me headaches and migraines.
  • My Period pains are crippling, When it is my time of the month I am usually bed bound most of the time because I feel faint and the cramps are 10 times worse than a normal person will feel.
  • Irritable bowel syndrome, my body does not process certain foods and my insides are very sensitive.
Psychological symptoms:
  • Sleep disruptions. I suffer from insomnia (worsened during a flare up) and my body is incapable of deep sleep meaning I can not access REM sleep. As a result I never feel like I have had a restful sleep. Imagine facing everyday feeling like you've had 2 hours sleep when really you've actually had 10!
  • Anxiety and depression - I've grouped these together because it is always hard to tell if they are a symptom or if they are caused by of all the other symptoms. Either way I suffer from both of these and they are very disabling they stop me from going out and enjoying things in life that I should making me very isolated from everyone else.
  • Cognitive defects/memory loss known as fibro or brain fog. Basically this means I can forget what I did yesterday or 5 minutes ago. My brain feels heavy and foggy meaning I can not think straight or even string sentences together (can you tell I'm suffering with it right now ha)
I think I have got the majority of my symptoms down in this list, I have probably missed one or two but I hope this gives you a good idea of what I am going through.

Please leave me some comment's below :-)

Take care, Jayne xx
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  1. imagine waking up every day feeling like you have the flu or a really bad cold. that is how I feel every single day. healthypair.com