19 May 2013

Weekly Summary : FMSphotoaday Week 3

  1.  Sunrise/sunset : Monday was a horrible dull cloudy day but I was lucky in the evening to catch a little bit of colour in the sky
  2. Need : I am desperate for some warmer weather and I need all this rain and clouds to go away and give us a decent spring
  3. 7 O'clock - I missed 7 am because I was asleep but spent this evening watching Les Miserable's with the boyfriend and celebrating his new job with Pizza 
  4. Mail Box - This book arrived today and I very excited to read it as I have heard some great things about it
  5. Season - another example of the lack of spring weather even though all the blossom is out and flowers are the only proof that is meant to be spring.
  6. Want - Not my photo but I really want to get back into doing yoga, it has so many benefits but I am lacking motivation
  7. My favorite View - Brighton Pier , it's been a while since I've been here but I have so much love for the town and hope to visit again soon. 
 This week again has a bit boring, I did another few shifts at the local primary school as a Lunch time assistant which was nice and always hear some strange things little kids say! I am fighting against really bad fatigue this week and I am hoping it passes soon or I will be spending all my life asleep!
I have spent a lot of time with Ben (the boyfriend) this week and as always that makes me really happy. In case you hadn't already guessed I am longing for warmer more spring time weather, my mood and body really doesn't deal with the dull rainy days.

Hopefully this next week will be batter and I have a few things lined up to keep me active and I am starting to enjoy getting out the house more :-)

Take care, Jayne xx
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