27 May 2013

Weekly Summary - FMSphotoaday week 4

  1. Light - My SAD Lamp : Although it's apparently Spring I still feel the need to have this lamp on nearly all the time to keep my mood and vitamin D levels topped up
  2. I care about this : My dog's, by now you'll probably know that these two play a huge part in my life and look after me on my worst days.
  3. Change : Finally getting round to organizing all the pennies I've collected over the years.
  4. Pj's - the cutest nightwear ever (well in my opinion) 
  5. Go - Away cold! I've been battling with a cold all week and have been drinking these like there's no tomorrow
  6. Us : My grandparents came round and brought us all fish and chips, it was a lovely warm day so we had lunch in the garden together
  7.  Fave thing to do on Sunday : Sunbathing and having a picnic by the water. Was such a lovely afternoon with the Boyfriend relaxing and making the most of the sun. 
This week I had an early morning shift at the nursery at the beginning of the week which despite having to get up a 6:45am I loved it. It was only a 4 hour shift but that is more than enough for my body. Plus I've been asked to do that shift weekly now for the next month and a bit! My week from then on went down hill health wise I've picked up a cold/flu from somewhere. This means me and my bed have become best friends this week. In case you missed it I wrote a blog post mid week with tip's on how to fight off a cold/flu. Although I still managed to go and watch my boyfriend perform in a production of Treasure Island which was fantastic! Also I had another lunch time shift at the local school but I swear every time I cover it is raining I'm some kind of jinx I think. Then yesterday spend time with the family and my grandparents which was really nice , they came round to watch the rugby though by the time it was kickoff I was back in bed trying to recover! Hopefully this cold will get the idea soon and will go away!

Hope you all had good weeks and I can't believe this month is nearly over!
Take care, Jayne xx
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  1. OMG! Is that Elmo? I LOVE ELMO!!!!!! I recently had a cold, now my boyfriend has it :( Get better soon. Lilie x

    1. Ha yeah Elmo pj's , they are from Primark. I fell in love when I saw them! Thank you hope you both recover soon xx