28 Jun 2013

Chronic illness and work pt.1

I've had a few requests to write what it is like / how to work with a chronic pain or illness and I have always been a little weary about writing about work because I am worried I will word something wrong and it will affect my personal/working life. If that makes any sense, but I thought I'd give it a go anyway.

Before I got seriously ill and diagnosed I worked in a day nursery with two year olds, I adored my job and believe that it is the most rewarding job I could find. October last year (after being off sick for months) I had to leave my job as there was no way I could travel across town and work the 9 hour days in such a physically demanding job with my Fibromyalgia. 

I was heartbroken to the point that I was mourning my old job, I missed it and the children I worked with so much. I was certain that was it I would never work in that profession again because of the restrictions of my body and illness.

I'll be honest now, I spent months ignoring everything and decided that it was impossible for me to ever work again because of my chronic illness. In February this year I had a bit of a personal reality slap and I think after a year in the house day in day out cabin fever made me realise that I should try and attempt to get some kind of work to keep myself occupied because I was going crazy in the same four walls.

I sent out my CV with a cover letter saying I was looking for bank staff or cover work to a few local nurseries, community centers, primary schools and anywhere else that was based in childcare.

From that I now technically have two job's. I work in a nursery covering shift's and I also work in a primary school as a Lunch time supervisor again covering shifts when people are off sick/on holiday etc. 

Getting back into work in my own opinion has given me my spark back and I feel more like a person again and not just a broken shell , it has really helped me mentally now as I feel like I kind of have a purpose again and things to look forward too.

I am going to write another post about actually working with a chronic illness/pain as I didn't realise how long this post would be, whoop's lot's of rambling ! 
Please below leave any topic's or questions about working with Fibromyalgia or about how I deal with work that you would like me to answer in the next post 

Take care, Jayne xx
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17 Jun 2013

Weekly summary - FMSphotoaday week 3

                                             1. You: after completing the race for life on Sunday
2. Something funny : Mum's birthday card
3. 11 o'clock : morning cup of tea and reading
4. kitchen : making breakfast 
5. texture : Favourite record (Dave Hause - C'mon kid)
6. from above : Moving my brother into his new flat
7. family : just before leaving my brother's flat

Another busy week for me. After two day's trying to recover from the Race for life on Sunday. I got offered another shift at the nursery, so now I am working two mornings a week. It was my mum's birthday on Tuesday and we all spent the night in with a lovely meal. Then the rest of the week and the weekend was spent with my brother moving him into his new flat and getting his organised. It was a great weekend with lot's of meals out, walks round Birmingham and lot's of time spent with the family. It felt weird leaving him at his flat but he's starting a new job and this is a great opportunity.

Hope you all had a great week and I hope to get another blog post up in the week.

Take care, Jayne xx
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10 Jun 2013

Weekly summary - FMSphotoaday week 2

  1. On my table - a dinner at the boyfriends of home made fish cakes and noodles 
  2. After dark - snuggled in bed reading on my kindle
  3. Environment - one of my favorite photo's of when my boyfriend took me to the lake district for my birthday last year.
  4. Transport - first trip out in my brothers car with him to buy some bit's for his flat
  5. Bright - it's been a sunny week and everything has just seemed that little bit brighter
  6. An animal - if you don't know already Hippo's are my favorite animals.
  7. From down low - I couldn't get a photo from right below the start line for the Race For Life but this was close enough.
This week has been the busiest in a long time. I have worked everyday, granted only a hour or two some day's but for someone who thought they'd never be able to work again due to chronic pain it is a BIG deal! 

Talking of big deal's if you hadn't seen on Facebook/twitter etc I did the Race for Life on Sunday 9th and I jogged most of it without my walking stick, that's 5km (3.5miles roughly) and all in 41minutes! I am so happy  and proud of myself as this was a big thing for me. I am so happy I achieved it and much faster than I thought I would. I am paying for it now, my body is so sore and I've been in bed most of the day after.

me and my Mum once we crossed the finish line!
All in all last week has been so good even if it's been really busy for me. hopefully this week coming will be as good, a week full of work and then at the weekend moving my brother into his flat! 

Take care, Jayne xx
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2 Jun 2013

Weekly Summary. Start of June's photoaday

So I only have two photo's for June so far but I thought I'd share them now rather than having 9 next week .

  1.  B is for ... Barbeque. Not our first barbeque of the year but nothing beats sitting out in the garden cooking and with the family.
  2. A moment : Sunday is usually my rest day but today is an extra rest day. Nothing for me but sitting down with my feet up. In the sun with a good book, minus the pain I can't complain too much.
 This week has been a blur, with my brother being offered a job in a different city we have been helping him out preparing for him to move out, get a car etc. But my morning shift at the nursery at the beginning of week turned into a full day when someone called in sick. I was really nervous because it's the first full day I've worked since before I got sick. But it was really good and I enjoyed it so much. I am so happy to be back doing a job I love. The next few day's I was recovering and trying to rest my body but I am rubbish at that. Had a day shopping with the family and a cheeky trip to Nando's which is always good. Then on Friday I baby sat my Boyfriends niece and nephew with him, so it was a day in the park enjoying the sun with them.
And that's the week over and I am left smiling but my body is really feeling it at the moment which sucks.

Had to sneak  this photo in here some where <3 br="">

This time next week I will be doing the Race for life, and it would mean the world to me if you could take a moment and spare a few pennies for such a fantastic cause.MY SPONSOR PAGE IS HERE and although I have reached my target every penny counts. It is going to be a tough walk for me and a huge challenge for my body but I am determined to look past my illness and help raise money and awareness for cancer research.

Take care, Jayne xx
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1 Jun 2013

'If Summer was a wishlist'

I have been reading Mary Caroline's blog  for quite a while and last week  she did a post called 'If Summer was a wishlist'  where she wrote a list of things that either she wanted to do or that she 'expected' from her summer. I loved this post mainly because I'm a little nosey and I love to see what makes other people happy so thought I would write my own Summer wishlist post and share it with you all.

  1. Getting to get your bike out and enjoying long rides 
  2. The feel of the sun shining on your skin
  3. Bare feet on grass
  4. Endless cups of ice tea and coffee
  5. Puppy's running and playing in the park
  6. Long walking with loved ones 
  7. Picnic's next to lakes and rivers
  8. Eating home grown fruit and veg straight off the plant
  9. Road trips with the window's down and music playing
  10. Running on damp grass from water fights
  11. Flowers in bloom and adding a splash of colour everywhere you look.
  12. Mango's 
  13. Afternoon drinks
  14. Taking photo's at every chance 
  15. Strawberry picking
  16. The season of wearing no make up
  17. Beach trips with the traditional fish and chips 
  18. The cooling of the sea on your feet
  19. The whiff of suncream whenever you move
  20. Summer music
  21. Straw hats and sunglasses
  22. Cold showers 
  23. Having to sleep on top of the duvet and with the window open 
  24. Ice cream van's 
  25. Summer weddings
  26. Children playing and their laughter filling the air
  27. Outdoor gig's and live music
  28. Eating Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner in the sun
  29.  The smell of barbeques
  30. Long day's that seem much shorter
  31. Pimms O'clock
  32. Outdoor yoga
  33. Sunset's
  34. Sitting outside late into the night
  35. A cool breeze 
  36. Pub Garden's with old friends
  37. Celebrations and summer Birthdays
  38.  Long skirts and baggy tops
  39. Afternoon naps in the Sun
  40. Seeing people smiling and enjoying the things they love.
You can check out Mary Caroline's blog HERE and her twitter HERE

Take care, Jayne xx
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