28 Jun 2013

Chronic illness and work pt.1

I've had a few requests to write what it is like / how to work with a chronic pain or illness and I have always been a little weary about writing about work because I am worried I will word something wrong and it will affect my personal/working life. If that makes any sense, but I thought I'd give it a go anyway.

Before I got seriously ill and diagnosed I worked in a day nursery with two year olds, I adored my job and believe that it is the most rewarding job I could find. October last year (after being off sick for months) I had to leave my job as there was no way I could travel across town and work the 9 hour days in such a physically demanding job with my Fibromyalgia. 

I was heartbroken to the point that I was mourning my old job, I missed it and the children I worked with so much. I was certain that was it I would never work in that profession again because of the restrictions of my body and illness.

I'll be honest now, I spent months ignoring everything and decided that it was impossible for me to ever work again because of my chronic illness. In February this year I had a bit of a personal reality slap and I think after a year in the house day in day out cabin fever made me realise that I should try and attempt to get some kind of work to keep myself occupied because I was going crazy in the same four walls.

I sent out my CV with a cover letter saying I was looking for bank staff or cover work to a few local nurseries, community centers, primary schools and anywhere else that was based in childcare.

From that I now technically have two job's. I work in a nursery covering shift's and I also work in a primary school as a Lunch time supervisor again covering shifts when people are off sick/on holiday etc. 

Getting back into work in my own opinion has given me my spark back and I feel more like a person again and not just a broken shell , it has really helped me mentally now as I feel like I kind of have a purpose again and things to look forward too.

I am going to write another post about actually working with a chronic illness/pain as I didn't realise how long this post would be, whoop's lot's of rambling ! 
Please below leave any topic's or questions about working with Fibromyalgia or about how I deal with work that you would like me to answer in the next post 

Take care, Jayne xx
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  1. It's so awesome you were able to get back into a field you love!!

    I'm trying to get back into working after about 4 years of not working and my biggest worry about finding somewhere is how to Tell whatever job that I'm sick. Do I tell them in the interview process? Or wait until I'm already hired? I've only ever worked retail, I was 21 when I last held a job, and I have no idea how to go about telling a potential job that this 25 yr old in front of them is disabled.

    If you're able to shed a little light on how to be a disabled working person, I would be in your debt. <3

    1. Hey there Holly , I will try and cover that in my next post. of course we are in different fields of work but I'm sure I can cover a basic overview that can help you. Thank you for asking :) take care . Jayne xx