1 Jun 2013

'If Summer was a wishlist'

I have been reading Mary Caroline's blog  for quite a while and last week  she did a post called 'If Summer was a wishlist'  where she wrote a list of things that either she wanted to do or that she 'expected' from her summer. I loved this post mainly because I'm a little nosey and I love to see what makes other people happy so thought I would write my own Summer wishlist post and share it with you all.

  1. Getting to get your bike out and enjoying long rides 
  2. The feel of the sun shining on your skin
  3. Bare feet on grass
  4. Endless cups of ice tea and coffee
  5. Puppy's running and playing in the park
  6. Long walking with loved ones 
  7. Picnic's next to lakes and rivers
  8. Eating home grown fruit and veg straight off the plant
  9. Road trips with the window's down and music playing
  10. Running on damp grass from water fights
  11. Flowers in bloom and adding a splash of colour everywhere you look.
  12. Mango's 
  13. Afternoon drinks
  14. Taking photo's at every chance 
  15. Strawberry picking
  16. The season of wearing no make up
  17. Beach trips with the traditional fish and chips 
  18. The cooling of the sea on your feet
  19. The whiff of suncream whenever you move
  20. Summer music
  21. Straw hats and sunglasses
  22. Cold showers 
  23. Having to sleep on top of the duvet and with the window open 
  24. Ice cream van's 
  25. Summer weddings
  26. Children playing and their laughter filling the air
  27. Outdoor gig's and live music
  28. Eating Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner in the sun
  29.  The smell of barbeques
  30. Long day's that seem much shorter
  31. Pimms O'clock
  32. Outdoor yoga
  33. Sunset's
  34. Sitting outside late into the night
  35. A cool breeze 
  36. Pub Garden's with old friends
  37. Celebrations and summer Birthdays
  38.  Long skirts and baggy tops
  39. Afternoon naps in the Sun
  40. Seeing people smiling and enjoying the things they love.
You can check out Mary Caroline's blog HERE and her twitter HERE

Take care, Jayne xx
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