10 Jun 2013

Weekly summary - FMSphotoaday week 2

  1. On my table - a dinner at the boyfriends of home made fish cakes and noodles 
  2. After dark - snuggled in bed reading on my kindle
  3. Environment - one of my favorite photo's of when my boyfriend took me to the lake district for my birthday last year.
  4. Transport - first trip out in my brothers car with him to buy some bit's for his flat
  5. Bright - it's been a sunny week and everything has just seemed that little bit brighter
  6. An animal - if you don't know already Hippo's are my favorite animals.
  7. From down low - I couldn't get a photo from right below the start line for the Race For Life but this was close enough.
This week has been the busiest in a long time. I have worked everyday, granted only a hour or two some day's but for someone who thought they'd never be able to work again due to chronic pain it is a BIG deal! 

Talking of big deal's if you hadn't seen on Facebook/twitter etc I did the Race for Life on Sunday 9th and I jogged most of it without my walking stick, that's 5km (3.5miles roughly) and all in 41minutes! I am so happy  and proud of myself as this was a big thing for me. I am so happy I achieved it and much faster than I thought I would. I am paying for it now, my body is so sore and I've been in bed most of the day after.

me and my Mum once we crossed the finish line!
All in all last week has been so good even if it's been really busy for me. hopefully this week coming will be as good, a week full of work and then at the weekend moving my brother into his flat! 

Take care, Jayne xx
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