17 Jun 2013

Weekly summary - FMSphotoaday week 3

                                             1. You: after completing the race for life on Sunday
2. Something funny : Mum's birthday card
3. 11 o'clock : morning cup of tea and reading
4. kitchen : making breakfast 
5. texture : Favourite record (Dave Hause - C'mon kid)
6. from above : Moving my brother into his new flat
7. family : just before leaving my brother's flat

Another busy week for me. After two day's trying to recover from the Race for life on Sunday. I got offered another shift at the nursery, so now I am working two mornings a week. It was my mum's birthday on Tuesday and we all spent the night in with a lovely meal. Then the rest of the week and the weekend was spent with my brother moving him into his new flat and getting his organised. It was a great weekend with lot's of meals out, walks round Birmingham and lot's of time spent with the family. It felt weird leaving him at his flat but he's starting a new job and this is a great opportunity.

Hope you all had a great week and I hope to get another blog post up in the week.

Take care, Jayne xx
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