2 Jun 2013

Weekly Summary. Start of June's photoaday

So I only have two photo's for June so far but I thought I'd share them now rather than having 9 next week .

  1.  B is for ... Barbeque. Not our first barbeque of the year but nothing beats sitting out in the garden cooking and with the family.
  2. A moment : Sunday is usually my rest day but today is an extra rest day. Nothing for me but sitting down with my feet up. In the sun with a good book, minus the pain I can't complain too much.
 This week has been a blur, with my brother being offered a job in a different city we have been helping him out preparing for him to move out, get a car etc. But my morning shift at the nursery at the beginning of week turned into a full day when someone called in sick. I was really nervous because it's the first full day I've worked since before I got sick. But it was really good and I enjoyed it so much. I am so happy to be back doing a job I love. The next few day's I was recovering and trying to rest my body but I am rubbish at that. Had a day shopping with the family and a cheeky trip to Nando's which is always good. Then on Friday I baby sat my Boyfriends niece and nephew with him, so it was a day in the park enjoying the sun with them.
And that's the week over and I am left smiling but my body is really feeling it at the moment which sucks.

Had to sneak  this photo in here some where <3 br="">

This time next week I will be doing the Race for life, and it would mean the world to me if you could take a moment and spare a few pennies for such a fantastic cause.MY SPONSOR PAGE IS HERE and although I have reached my target every penny counts. It is going to be a tough walk for me and a huge challenge for my body but I am determined to look past my illness and help raise money and awareness for cancer research.

Take care, Jayne xx
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