6 May 2014

New name, look and content

So this feels weird writing a blog post after nearly two years. Incase you didn't know I used to be 'Chronically crafty' as I documented my life after being diagnosed with a chronic illness and also I did a lot of awareness posts to help people in the same situation as me.

In all honestly I got bored writing about my body and it's problems every week and it put me off wanting to write anything and I dreaded scheduling posts, so I stopped blogging completely. But I'm back! I have left previous posts in my archive incase people stumble across them and they are useful to them.

So what's next.....

I'm going to make this space into a lifestyle blog, so I will be posting anything that I feel worthy of documenting. I am still living with my chronic pain but I am in a much better place mentally and physically now and I am enjoying more of life so what better way to share it than a blog.

You'll have to bare with me as I get to grips of writing again and designing my layout but for now I am going to keep it simple.

let's give it a go then, how hard can it be ey? 

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